Fryers without oil at House

You all know, because I have already put a lot of recipes, that at House we have two fryers that work without oil, ie fryers of hot air where we cook the food so that they are fried with only a teaspoon of oil.

The two we have at House are Airfryer Philips and Tefal Acti fry of . Both with a very similar performance but in the market there are many more options.

These types of fryers are a wonderful option for those who:

They want to reduce calories in their fried foods, we obtain foods with a look of fried very similar but with many less calories because they have not been immersed in oil when it comes to cooking them.
They want to reduce the intake of oils, reducing the amount of oils by up to 80%.
Want to get healthier and healthier foods.
They want to clean less, they are fryers much easier to use and clean.
We must bear in mind that food we cook in these fryers , be rich, have an acceptable result, but will have nothing to do with a similar product that has been completely submerging fried in oil.

A fried food in hot oil , will be more golden, with a more beautiful and bright color, have a richer flavor and much differ from the same food friamos in one of these fryers without oil.

Why this difference? Because no oil or fryers fryers air, hot air operated thanks to their fans spread. Thanks to the different programs that these fryers bring, we have a multitude of options to select, depending on the food that we are going to cook and thus establish different times and temperatures, from each other.

The most negative part is found in the prices, being the prices of these fryers of air, much higher than the normal fryers. Economic cost that we compensate for the moment with the saving of oil and the savings when cleaning them.

As I said before, at House we have two fryers of this type but there are many more on the market. I’ll tell you about some of them, but there are more and more similar fryers from different brands.

-Actifry of tefal. Of the first to appear for it has evolved much to improve it but without changing its initial appearance. Its transparent lid allows us to see the food while cooking and its rotating central blade is perfect for some ingredients and totally harmful for other ingredients, which Tefal has solved with the incorporation of a grid where food is placed that can not stand the rotating blade . Very simple handling and few buttons.

-Airfryer from Philips. It has a moderate price. Capacity for 3.2 liters. Control by frontal LCD screen. Basket similar to normal fryers where food is cooked. Simple to clean and takes up little space.

Aerofryer -Princess XL is similar to the above both in form and function, but a little more economic

-Cecofry. It has a great value for money. Is the only one that is automatic. It has central shovel as the actifry and you can cook two plates at a time as the actifry 2 × 1

Having or not having an oil-free fryer at House is already the decision of everyone. To my most modest opinion, my advice is, that if you have space to put it, and possibility to buy it, do not hesitate and get one of them. Look for the one that best suits your needs and space. Find the one that fits best in your pocket and enjoy it. You only have to practice and make recipes with her. When you get used to the textures that these fryers give us, we would not change them for anything. For more guide and tips Haz click aquí.