Houst Storage Kayak

Among the trips to the river you will need a place to put your 2016 10 best kayak. Unless you want to catch snakes and bugs every time you use your boat, you need a storage place above the ground. Obtaining plastic and fiberglass vessels outside the sun will preserve the hull strength that can degrade with prolonged exposure to the sun and excessive heat.


Stands for the kayak should hit the hull about a third of the distance from each end. Avoid suspension of kayaks between the points of the bow and stern to prevent the helmet from deforming and sagging in the heat of summer. When setting up a kayak on a flat stand, cut two short pieces of swimming noodle foam and fold them over the transverse elements at a point where they will hit the helmet curve close enough to suspend the helmet above the untouched crossbeam that. Use a plastic flange to secure the nozzle in place.

Storage of garage

If you have a little space in your garage you can use a couple of kayak storage solutions. You can attach L brackets to the walls and the 2-by-4 screw to them. Wrap them with padding and set aside your boats along a free wall. If the space is thin wall, it is relatively simple to build a sling system and hang your boats close to the ceiling. This leaves your wall space and aisles free for work and to get in and out of your car. A threaded thread through the hollow center of a bath foam nozzle and attached to the ceiling hooks works well for this and is inexpensive to make.

The exterior walls

You can also use L and 2-by-4 brackets to create a kayak shelf stuck to the side wall of the house or in the garage. It is relatively simple to create a frame on top of the boats from which a tarp can be attached to protect the kayaks from the sun and the elements. You can screw the U-shaped brackets to the walls to keep kayaks against the wall by turning them sideways and sliding the bow’s tip into the U saddle. Shove a nozzle of foam over the hook to improve the fill. Wrap the kayak on a small tarp to protect it from the sun.

Freestanding Racks

A variety of solutions free of kayak / canoe frame are available that you can build yourself. An A-frame provides storage for three kayaks. Constructed from wood in the form of an old fashioned hinged backyard set, canoes sit on their sides on the outside of the frame with a third set on the crosshead of the A.
In the frame is based on A single stand with a series of T struts about 2 feet apart running to the height of the pole. Angled brackets make the crossbars sturdy. It can stiffen the frame with the transverse supports and reinforce the messages by pouring concrete into the holes that the post has set in. Provide protection from the sun by building the zipper in the shade and / or tying a tarp over boats with elastic cord.