How to take the accounting of my house

In these times it is essential to save the most and keep track of household expenses . In this way, we control what we spend and avoid wasting money, maximizing our savings . For this, it is not necessary that we are some MYOB Newcastle accounting experts, but we can do it easily and quickly. Keep reading this article  and discover how to keep accounts of your home.

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The first thing you need to do to keep accounts of your home will save the tickets and invoices for everything you buy or pay either the daily purchase of food and other materials for the home, such as payments of services: electricity, gas, Water, repairs, etc.


Also, you should be writing down in a notebook or spreadsheet on your computer , an Excel document, for example both revenues and expenses of your house, as an account book . We suggest you make a table showing the concept of spending, value and date.


In this way, you can see if the balance is positive , ie, entering more of what you spend, if it is zero or, on the contrary, is negative and spend more than you enter. We recommend that you organize monthly, that is, at the end of the month you add up everything you have spent and compare it with what you have entered. If you prefer, you can also do it weekly to keep the accounting of your home more controlled.


You can make comparisons about what you spend each month or week, seeing when you spend more and analyze how you could reduce expenses. For this, our articles can be useful to you:

  • How to save on the gas bill
  • How to reduce the light bill
  • How to save water at home

If you consider that this task is too tedious, you can choose to access a portal of online management professionals who can make bookkeeping much easier.


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