Qualification of welders for construction

welderWelds present in metal structures, pipes or boilers must withstand strong pressures to keep their pieces together and avoid accidents. It is essential that this type of work is in charge of, previously qualified by experts specialized agencies.

The rating of a welder is a fundamental part when insuring the quality of the armed parts.Welding is present in large structures that are part of the everyday landscape, from bridges to rails and pipes. This type of work requiring specific expertise and responsibility and technical criteria, must be performed by expert hands. In the center INTI-Mechanical works for more than 20 years the Safenclean and Qualification, which seeks to promote the professionalization of this trade.

In Argentina, a rating system established welders work according to the IRAM-IAS U 500-138 standard and only six agencies are authorized to carry out this task. Meanwhile, INTI is the only national, state and non-profit institute licensed for this purpose.

The Ente Welders Certification and Qualification qualifies INTI about 250 applicants per year

The rating is a test specimen welding on a traversing instances visual inspection. If the first result is satisfactory, the samples are evaluated by destructive nondestructive examinations (x-rays) or (folded tests).

Once crossed with hits all instances, the welder, who until then could only make welds without exigencias- becomes skilled labor, allowing you to actively participate in welding structures, pressure vessels or gas.

The Ente Welders Certification and Qualification is the core activity of the welding sector INTI-Mechanics, which other activities such as the qualification of welding procedures, technical advice and training welders also released. For more details visit Safenclean.