Suspended toilets: advantages and disadvantages

There is more to look at the houses “designer” brands catalogs bath or simply our special baths to realize that toilets and bidets are fashionable suspended . Of course, not without reason, they are lighter visually, pass more unnoticed and even have a point of magic, having hidden the cistern.

However, normal in the houses of mortals are toilets and bidets conventional -a waiting for the toilet of the future more or less beautiful, firmly planted on the ground, with his tank on his back and his imposing presence, especially The toilets, which make it the center point of the bathroom, for the best toilets click here.

I’m sure many have tempted us hung toilets and bidets, in fact I would put me very excited to reform the bathroom, but perhaps due to ignorance of their advantages and disadvantages , we are left with the conventional.

Advantages of suspended toilets and bidets

Not that I want to convince you of how wonderful they are suspended toilets and bidets to speak first of its advantages , but I think we should start there to thresh a little why we attract so much.

Suspended toilets and bidets – advantages
1. Visual lightness

Suspended parts bath are very light visually thanks to seem to levitate above the ground. In addition, having hidden the cistern, they are smaller, and their relative presence in the bath diminishes considerably, happening more unnoticed.

2. More beautiful proportions

Could do without the support on the ground, suspended toilets and bidets can recover a more beautiful and elongated proportions , plus a cleaner, far compositional geometry contraption that are traditional toilets, even the most elegant.

3. A mystical charm

As terraces cantilevered, large bridges and other impossible structures, hung toilets our attention because they challenge the laws of gravity, especially considering that should underpin our backsides to feel the call of nature .

In addition, having the hidden cistern, also have some magic , as if the water emerge from a hidden in the walls of home mystical spring. A bit exaggerated, yes, but part of our brain is dazzled by these things.

4. Easier cleaning

Some of the advantages should be pragmatic, and ease of cleaning , to be able to spend mocho below the parts and avoid those grimy and inaccessible corners of traditional toilets, it is a compelling reason from the practical point of view. Surely this type of toilets help us a lot in the daily routine to keep the bathroom clean

Disadvantages of suspended toilets and bidets

Now that we have seen the advantages, let ‘s see what problems have suspended toilets and bidets that make not everyone chooses them when decorating your bathroom.

Suspended toilets and bidets – drawbacks one
1. Loss of space

As I always say, the space is neither created nor destroyed , there is there. And if the cistern is to be hidden, it must be somewhere, and that is none other than the partition behind the toilet.

Said so, it seems that we gain siege, we put the cistern in the wall, and here peace and then glory. But it is that the tank wall, even the finest and thin, do not take less than 8 centimeters, to which add hardware to the toilet hold our weight, which leads to not just any partition for our intentions, And less the usual brick walls of the seven or a single line of pillars.

Therefore, to install toilets suspended, you need to have a wider wall behind him, which will result in a loss of centimeters of space in the bathroom, which is not always one can allow the design and distribution on All with bathrooms becoming smaller.

2. Increased installation complexity

Lifetime toilets and bidets are fairly easy to install and uninstall. It is little more than to connect everything and fix them to the ground. By contrast, hang a toilet is no small feat , and install the tank also takes some more time, especially in work – in plasterboard partitions is more sencillo- which brings us to the next point.

Suspended toilets and bidets – drawbacks
3. Higher cost

Given the complexity of installation as well as the need for specific parts -colgadores, tanks … – suspended toilets and bidets place represents a significantly higher cost to install the spare bath life. If we are managing a modest budget, it is very difficult to get them fit, both for the price of the materials and for the installation.

4. More complex maintenance

Although once installed, the tank can be accessed from the push button, we all know how cumbersome it is to handle them when they fail – something that happens frequently – so much that the manufacturer assures that that will not happen, and that in that case can be solved by that little hole, I can not even imagine the cost of having to change a concealed cistern .


Suspended toilets and bidets are a great choice for those that have fairly large bathrooms, or that provision does not represent any problem thickening of the wall. The disadvantages of these are practically only present during the design phases – except maintenance – and the rest are practically all advantages.

Thus, if the budget and the meters fit, suppose a sensible aesthetic improvement of the bathroom, providing visual lightness, modernity and hygiene. But I would like you to know what you think: Do you like toilets and bidets suspended? Do you have or would you put one at home?