What can I do with a food processor at my House?

The possibilities of the kitchen world are endless. We can make many recipes and learn new ones! More elaborate dishes, other simpler ones, fun snacks, nutritious juices, potent breakfasts … If there is a place in the house where we can try and taste that is certainly the kitchen, especially if we have the necessary tools.That always makes our job easier! A small food processor reviews¬†helps us to take all the necessary steps to make a great recipe: crush, beat, chop, grind, liquefy … All with the same appliance! What can we do with a food processor like this?


Food processor

Chopping, grating, cutting, grinding, mixing: it  is the same appliance, but depending on the complements we choose we have up to four appliances in one. With the processor function, for example, we can grate, cut, crunch, mix and chop easily, thanks to its multifunction blades and cutting discs. And all in a few seconds and in a clean way! It has a great power, so we will have our vegetable grated in a very short time.



Beat all types of food : the jug mixer is another feature that we can find in the food processor . With a capacity of 900ml, we can use it for many tasks. For example, to make a rich shake of strawberries with natural yogurt. And in record time and with little effort. Just by pressing a button or selecting the ‘pulse’ function, even faster, we will get the texture suitable for a nutritious shake. What else can we do with the jug? For example, chop ice for a cocktail.




– Liquify: this food processor incorporates a blender, unlike other similar models. And a very powerful blender with an extra large feeding mouth, through which we can introduce the pieces of whole fruit or vegetables. The blender is responsible for removing all the juice and discarding the pulp in another container of 1.5 liters capacity. The food processor also includes the jug to fill it to the juice edge.



– Molinillo: this is another function of the ufesa food processor that we will not easily find in other models. The grinder allows us to grind coffee beans; Chop aromatic herbs as we did in this post or grind nuts to use later on our dishes. It is perfect for grinding food of small size!

Food processor-molini


Save time and space with this food processor

The ufesa food processor is one of the most powerful models in the market. It has a maximum peak power of 850 W, and two speeds, in addition to the pulse function, ideal for chopping those foods with hard ones that need to be processed in short intervals to obtain a grainy texture but not powder.

In addition to the time we earn with the processor, we will also save space. Our kitchens are usually rather small and, therefore, two-in-one appliances are a perfect solution. With the same appliance, we can perform the main tasks we do in the kitchen.