Black Desert House

Marc Atlan Design with Oller & Pejic, Architects

Beyond shelter, Black Desert House is an artistic counter-point to a landscape born of fire, and sculpted over the last 100 million years. Conceived to read as a shadow cast within great piles of monzogranite boulders, the residence offers the quintessential desert experience: immersion into the timelessness of the vast desert panorama. By day the residence protects like a cave; at night it dissolves in the surrounding array of stars. Informed by the modernist aesthetic, the geometry of the structure minimizes distractions, while curtain glass walls eliminate indoor-outdoor distinctions. The public spaces open to the sheltered entry courtyard, broad view terraces, and the private swimming pool.

Sited at a cooler elevation of over 4000 feet on 2.5 acres, the gated residence includes open plan living areas, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 2 car carport.


Latest News

Professional video cameras at fan prices

More and more amateur filmmakers are looking to create quality works at home that are similar to those of professionals. They call themselves prosumidores(acronym of producer and consumer) and like to record videos with resolution Full HD or 4K capturing a lot of visual information in each frame.

The last of the cameras that allow it to appear in the market is the Black Magic Mini . With a design similar to the GoPro , it weighs just over 300 grams and costs 985 euros. As main feature, it allows to record video with Full HD resolution in RAW format, a feature that until today could only boast very expensive equipment, such as Red One cameras . By means of this function, the color or brightness level can be altered during video editing without deteriorating the final footage. Only another camera of that price gets it too, the Black Magic Pocket .

Although both models are equipped with a sensor super 16 mm format and can work with Micro Four Thirds system targets , the small dimensions of the Black Magic Mini allow it to be mounted on a dron. In fact, it has a connection designed to remotely control its functions.

With the slogan “Recordings 4K, now for the fans , ” the Canon XC10 is another digital cinema camera recently presented. It is a hybrid product designed to capture photos and videos. According to the web specializing in DPreview photographic technology , its main innovation Is in its design, which incorporates a swivel handle to capture better video or photos.

This Canon also features a removable visor that attaches to the rear screen for easy video recording. Because it can capture up to 305 megabits of data per second – a figure far above what competing cameras offer – Canon has endowed this device with the new standard of CFast 2.0 memory cards .

It also incorporates a sensor one inch in size, similar to the aforementioned Black Magic, which allows you to capture photos of 12 megapixels in RAW format. Its 10-magnification target encompasses a range of focal distances ranging from 28 to 250 millimeters, with a maximum brightness of f / 2.8 at 28 millimeters. Its official price will be 2,199 euros when it is commercialized in Spain.

Another hybrid photo and video camera is the Panasonic GH4 , which allows you to record 4K video with data streams of up to 200 megabytes per second. In addition, it is able to convert any video frame recorded with it into an eight megapixel photo in JPEG format. If we work in shooting mode, the camera captures 16-megapixel images in RAW format.

This machine is the fourth installment of a series that began with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1, a model that enjoyed some success among short filmmakers with little budget. The official price of the GH4 is 1,500 euros. For about 700 euros the Panasonic Lumix LX-100 is sold , a camera that also records video in 4K like the GH4 but its objective is fixed and it does not have entrance of microphone and that limits its professional use. Although its image quality when capturing moving images is quite high.

Among the cameras with larger sensors for those who want to start in the world of semi-professional video are the Sony A7s , with a full-frame 12-megapixel sensor, and Samsung NX1 , with a 28-megapixel APS-C sensor. The official price of the first is 2,400 euros and 1,500 euros of the second. Both have interchangeable lenses and can record video with 4K resolution, although this feature in the case of Sony is only possible if you use an external accessory connected to your HDMI output.

The larger size of the Sony sensor and its lower resolution allows you to achieve quality images in low light. In order to understand what it is capable, it is enough to see a video recorded with it using only the light source of the Moon. In fact, it has been the first camera capable of reaching a sensitivity of 409,600 ISO, which allows it to capture images practically in the dark.

Among the well-equipped video recording SLRs, models like the Canon EOS 7D Mark II and the Canon EOS 70D . Both feature a particularly nimble focus technology for capturing moving images: the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system . Also the Nikon D810 allows you to achieve videos of great clarity, especially if it is connected through HDMI to an external recorder.


The approach of companies to prosumers in the field of video has also occurred in photography. The offer of SLR cameras and high-level Evil is growing not for professionals. Just look at some of the cameras that Nikon sells for advanced photographers and those that Canon offers to those it calls photography enthusiasts . Some of these models a few years ago would have fulfilled the demands of the most demanding professionals.

A best nikon video camera example is the Nikon 810 , launched a few months ago. A mid-range DSLR with a 36-megapixel full-frame sensor and sealed body, a key feature in professional cameras. The Nikon D3x , a professional machine, went on sale until last year and when it was launched it cost just over 6,000 euros. The Nikon D810 appeared almost a year ago for half price and its performance is superior.

Sony is also launching attractive products for the most demanding amateur photographers. Its camera without mirror of objectives interchangeable Sony A7 is the most economic of the market with a full frame sensor , because its official price is of 1,299 euros. Also its size is smaller than that of a SLR camera.

Holiday homes with whirlpools in North Wales, United Kingdom

There are some cabins dotting the countryside in North Wales that provide hot tub log cabin. Wales is 160 miles long by 60 miles wide, with ranges of valleys, forests and mountains. Places available include a stone cottage in Dinas Mawddwy, some cottages near Pwllheli and one near Harlech. The last two places are close to each other on the coast, while Dinas Mawddwy lies a little further inland but has easy access to the coast. All these houses have several rooms and facilities for cooking.

Ysgubor Newydd

Ysgubor is a 17th century stone five bedroom house situated on a 500 acre farm in Dinas Mawddwy near Machynlleth. This home has amenities such as an electric oven, central heating, dishwasher, microwave, TV and DVD player. Nearby attractions include the Cader Idris mountain, the Dolgellau village, which features 17th century bridges, and many bars and restaurants, sandy beaches and narrow gauge steam railways. Prices and availability can be found on the Sykes Cottages website.

Gwynfryn Farm Cottages

Gwynfryn farm houses are situated on a farm near Pwllheli, Gwynedd. Facilities include tennis courts, an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna and a games room for children. The cabins are capable of accommodating two to eight people. There are farm animals, such as pigs, goats, lambs and dairy cows in the place that children can see. These cabins feature modern amenities such as dishwasher, electric heating, barbecue and television and videos. Nearby attractions include a golf course, the Blue Flag Marina, beaches and the railroad to the top of Mount Snowdon. More information including booking is available on the Field Field website online.


There is a large cottage available near the beaches and Llandannog Harlech in the Snowdonia National Park.This home is on three acres of land and is surrounded by gardens. It is very close to the coast and has a sea view. It comes with four bedrooms that can accommodate up to 10 people. The kitchen has a kitchen with dishwasher, microwave and gas. Nearby attractions include a Harlech castle and the town of Dolgellau. Harlech also has an internet café Dolgellau is full of structures 16 to the 18th century. In addition, there are plenty of valleys and woods nearby. For more information and reservations is on the site quality website.

Laser hair removal, at home?

The only appliance of depilation with pulsed light totally safe and effective for domestic use’. This is one of the many messages issued by different brands to announce this type of devices and allow laser hair removal can be done without leaving home. What do dermatologists think about it?

Faced with the increase of these equipment and the forecast of new competitors in the next month, it was inevitable to address this issue at the 37th National Congress of Dermatology and Venereology.After analyzing the existing studies, the experts agree to point out some shortcomings . “They are work done three months, more than four and a half months, and at least should analyze efficiency and safety for half a year,” says Esther Cuerda, a dermatologist at the Clinica Planas in Barcelona.

They usually show a hair reduction of 50%, they do not register complications and, finally, they conclude the efficacy and the safety for their domestic use. According to José Luis López Estebaranz, head of Dermatology at the Alcorcón Hospital in Madrid, “these works are sponsored and must be read in quotation marks”.

Despite the criticisms expressed by the lack of more complete studies, “these devices work for temporary depilation,” says Dr. Cord. In addition, pulsed light devices for the treatment of some skin diseases (such as vitiligo) may be useful . “They achieve greater compliance, reduce cost and avoid travel.”

For the dermatologist at the laser hair removal in phoenix, the conclusion is clear: “Although each product should be evaluated separately, long-term studies are lacking, these devices can only be used with some skin types, they should not be applied to the face or neck , The sessions are more frequent than we would like and there is a risk: that the hair becomes thinner and it is more difficult to eliminate it.

The ideal to counteract this kind of risk, the experts who have participated in these days, would be to pay more attention to this sector . “There is a legal vacuum regarding this type of cosmetic products without prescription. Given that there is some risk, it would be interesting to regulate it so that the person who uses it is in some way properly informed and trained. It is very important that they know how to handle these devices. ”

Is mesotherapy useful?

Other topics have been discussed during this congress. Thus, for example, many dermatologists defend mesotherapy (intradermal injection of hyaluronic acid and vitamins) as a technique that promotes collagen and helps to “improve tone, elasticity, reduces roughness and sagging, and gives greater luminosity to the skin “Says Natalia Segui, dermatologist at the Dermatologic Valles Clinic (Barcelona).

The problem is that “there are only observational studies and very few. There are no controlled clinical trials in facial mesotherapy and the absence of evidence does not confirm the effectiveness”, criticizes Elia Roó, coordinator of the Unit of Aesthetic Dermatology Sur Hospital (Madrid), Who takes the opportunity to denounce what he shares with many of his colleagues. “All these products approved by the US drug agency (FDA) require clinical trials before, while in Europe they are not necessary to approve them.”

Regardless of this observation, the experience of dermatologists shows that the side effects are few and mild, for example, pain or edema following injection.

On the other hand, dermatologists have not forgotten to discuss one more question: Is it legal to dispense cosmetics in private clinics? There is no doubt. “It is legal whenever it is carried out as a business other than for tax purposes,” says Agustín Alomar, Hospital San Pau de Barcelona.

A Apparently, more and more specialists opt for this route in their private consultations and the results are positive. Manuel Asín Llorca, of the Aesthetic Dermatological Center of Alicante, confirms: “We offer a more patient service, we improve the price, we avoid displacements to acquire the indicated products, start to use them first and it is profitable.” Whether it is ethical or not depends on the personal opinion of each specialist.

What does a funeral director do that can be done in funeral house?

A funeral director combines his knowledge of mortuary science with a strong ability to communicate with grieving clients. The exact functions of funeral directors vary within each funeral. Many funeral house are run as family businesses, so the duties of each person vary widely. A funeral director is the caretaker – he or she gives them the team and sets the program of work, as well as the tone to follow for everyone.

Funeral workers should understand that the functions of preparation for memorial services should be done with respect and professionalism. Most funeral directors ensure that their staff act with compassion and maturity.Maintaining the internal reception of funeral areas and the outer cemetery is also an important element for a director to oversee the funeral home. Most funeral homes have clean, tasteful lawns inside and manicured outdoor gardens. The so-called car buffers that are used for transporting deceased persons are usually cleaned regularly according to the instructions of the funeral home staff.

The funeral directors spend much of their time talking to clients. Assistance from the mode of funeral services like Wiki Professional, as well as the documents in question. The funeral house directors conversing with clients in a quiet and comfortable manner. Some funeral directors perform customer service or memorial help arrangements for a religious officiant or other for service.

A funeral director is authorized and trained in mortuary science. He or she understands exactly how to prepare the deceased for burial or cremation, as well as how to embalm or preserve organs for presentation to their loved ones in a memorial service. Funeral directors usually pump welcome customer service and should be good at remembering names and relationships between their loved ones and their deceased friend or relative.

Keeping the quality of the funeral is something that funeral directors do constantly. They ensure that commemorative services are well and that food and flowers are delivered on time. A good funeral director always follows customer services to help all customers are satisfied customers at such an important time. Funeral directors understand that everyone handles pain differently, and strives to be good listeners and problem solvers.

Suspended toilets: advantages and disadvantages

There is more to look at the houses “designer” brands catalogs bath or simply our special baths to realize that toilets and bidets are fashionable suspended . Of course, not without reason, they are lighter visually, pass more unnoticed and even have a point of magic, having hidden the cistern.

However, normal in the houses of mortals are toilets and bidets conventional -a waiting for the toilet of the future more or less beautiful, firmly planted on the ground, with his tank on his back and his imposing presence, especially The toilets, which make it the center point of the bathroom, for the best toilets click here.

I’m sure many have tempted us hung toilets and bidets, in fact I would put me very excited to reform the bathroom, but perhaps due to ignorance of their advantages and disadvantages , we are left with the conventional.

Advantages of suspended toilets and bidets

Not that I want to convince you of how wonderful they are suspended toilets and bidets to speak first of its advantages , but I think we should start there to thresh a little why we attract so much.

Suspended toilets and bidets – advantages
1. Visual lightness

Suspended parts bath are very light visually thanks to seem to levitate above the ground. In addition, having hidden the cistern, they are smaller, and their relative presence in the bath diminishes considerably, happening more unnoticed.

2. More beautiful proportions

Could do without the support on the ground, suspended toilets and bidets can recover a more beautiful and elongated proportions , plus a cleaner, far compositional geometry contraption that are traditional toilets, even the most elegant.

3. A mystical charm

As terraces cantilevered, large bridges and other impossible structures, hung toilets our attention because they challenge the laws of gravity, especially considering that should underpin our backsides to feel the call of nature .

In addition, having the hidden cistern, also have some magic , as if the water emerge from a hidden in the walls of home mystical spring. A bit exaggerated, yes, but part of our brain is dazzled by these things.

4. Easier cleaning

Some of the advantages should be pragmatic, and ease of cleaning , to be able to spend mocho below the parts and avoid those grimy and inaccessible corners of traditional toilets, it is a compelling reason from the practical point of view. Surely this type of toilets help us a lot in the daily routine to keep the bathroom clean

Disadvantages of suspended toilets and bidets

Now that we have seen the advantages, let ‘s see what problems have suspended toilets and bidets that make not everyone chooses them when decorating your bathroom.

Suspended toilets and bidets – drawbacks one
1. Loss of space

As I always say, the space is neither created nor destroyed , there is there. And if the cistern is to be hidden, it must be somewhere, and that is none other than the partition behind the toilet.

Said so, it seems that we gain siege, we put the cistern in the wall, and here peace and then glory. But it is that the tank wall, even the finest and thin, do not take less than 8 centimeters, to which add hardware to the toilet hold our weight, which leads to not just any partition for our intentions, And less the usual brick walls of the seven or a single line of pillars.

Therefore, to install toilets suspended, you need to have a wider wall behind him, which will result in a loss of centimeters of space in the bathroom, which is not always one can allow the design and distribution on All with bathrooms becoming smaller.

2. Increased installation complexity

Lifetime toilets and bidets are fairly easy to install and uninstall. It is little more than to connect everything and fix them to the ground. By contrast, hang a toilet is no small feat , and install the tank also takes some more time, especially in work – in plasterboard partitions is more sencillo- which brings us to the next point.

Suspended toilets and bidets – drawbacks
3. Higher cost

Given the complexity of installation as well as the need for specific parts -colgadores, tanks … – suspended toilets and bidets place represents a significantly higher cost to install the spare bath life. If we are managing a modest budget, it is very difficult to get them fit, both for the price of the materials and for the installation.

4. More complex maintenance

Although once installed, the tank can be accessed from the push button, we all know how cumbersome it is to handle them when they fail – something that happens frequently – so much that the manufacturer assures that that will not happen, and that in that case can be solved by that little hole, I can not even imagine the cost of having to change a concealed cistern .


Suspended toilets and bidets are a great choice for those that have fairly large bathrooms, or that provision does not represent any problem thickening of the wall. The disadvantages of these are practically only present during the design phases – except maintenance – and the rest are practically all advantages.

Thus, if the budget and the meters fit, suppose a sensible aesthetic improvement of the bathroom, providing visual lightness, modernity and hygiene. But I would like you to know what you think: Do you like toilets and bidets suspended? Do you have or would you put one at home?

Hyaluronic fillers homecare



The passage of time results in the appearance of lines of expression around the eyes, the mouth, the eyebrows, the labial commissures or the nasolabial grooves. In addition, age also reveals other problems that affect the aesthetic harmony of the face, such as loss of volume in lips and cheekbones.

Facial fillings are part of a quick and painless medical treatment that is performed by infiltrations, usually of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally present in the human body and contributes to hydrate and give volume to the skin.

Dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid are safe and reabsorbable substances whose esthetic effects are reversible. The folds and depressions of the face, with the application of these implants, recover volume quickly and safely.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a molecule that the body generates naturally. Hyaluronic Acid attracts water, helps hydration and provides volume and structure to the skin. It has many functions, from providing elasticity to the skin to lubricating the joints.



No. Clínicas Farma has 3 types of treatments of hyaluronic acid of which 2 contribute volume and the other does not:

-Hyaluronic moisturizing repair: the most economical. It does not add volume. Deep moisturizing action. Recommended in all skin types and ages.

-Hyaluronic special lips: increases volume, moisturizes lips and fills lips.


-Hyaluronic filler : the one of choice for the treatment of medium and deep wrinkles.




It is a treatment that must be done exclusively by doctors. Our doctor responsible for the center is a professional with years of experience in aesthetic medicine, rapporteur in the most prestigious congresses of aesthetic medicine and responsible for the medical and training department of Reference Medical Spain, our supplier of laser equipment



The aesthetic results of the hyaluronic acid filler implants are immediate as the injected substance fills the wrinkles. The effect of hyaluronic acid usually lasts about 9-12 months depending on the age, the area injected, the quality of the skin, the lifestyle …. That is why they are usually done about once a year.


dermal fillers before and after in upper lip. Demo with customers held Oct 9, 2015



Does it require anesthesia? 
It is not necessary, but to minimize discomfort you can apply an anesthetic or local cold ointment in the area to be treated before starting the session.

How many sessions are usually held? 
Hyaluronic acid filler implants are usually performed at least once a year. It can be applied at any time of the year. 

How long do I need to be in the center to get the treatment done? 
In each session you will need to be an hour in the center (counting with anesthesia and treatment).

Can you sunbathe? 
Yes you can sunbathe, but always using sunscreen. 

Can you go to work the day after hyaluronic acid treatment? 
Yes you can work and perform completely normal life just after the session.

Do I have to take any precautions later? 
It is not advisable to massage the treated area. It is advisable to use sun protection in case of sunbathing.

Will I have any side effects? 
After undergoing treatment with infusion with hyaluronic acid, a slight redness, swelling or small hematoma may appear transiently in the injected area that can be perfectly camouflaged with makeup.

How long do the effects last? 
Up to a year, although it depends on the age, the injected area, the quality of the skin, the lifestyle ….


With what other treatments can hyaluronic acid be combined? 
The combination of different techniques produces better and more lasting results because each treatment acts differently at different levels and produces a synergy between them. It is usually combined with facial reaction, microdermabrasion, anti-aging facial laser …


To boost and lengthen the effects of hyaluronic acid Clinicas Farma recommends applying at home daily.

What can I do with a food processor at my House?

The possibilities of the kitchen world are endless. We can make many recipes and learn new ones! More elaborate dishes, other simpler ones, fun snacks, nutritious juices, potent breakfasts … If there is a place in the house where we can try and taste that is certainly the kitchen, especially if we have the necessary tools.That always makes our job easier! A small food processor reviews helps us to take all the necessary steps to make a great recipe: crush, beat, chop, grind, liquefy … All with the same appliance! What can we do with a food processor like this?


Food processor

Chopping, grating, cutting, grinding, mixing: it  is the same appliance, but depending on the complements we choose we have up to four appliances in one. With the processor function, for example, we can grate, cut, crunch, mix and chop easily, thanks to its multifunction blades and cutting discs. And all in a few seconds and in a clean way! It has a great power, so we will have our vegetable grated in a very short time.



Beat all types of food : the jug mixer is another feature that we can find in the food processor . With a capacity of 900ml, we can use it for many tasks. For example, to make a rich shake of strawberries with natural yogurt. And in record time and with little effort. Just by pressing a button or selecting the ‘pulse’ function, even faster, we will get the texture suitable for a nutritious shake. What else can we do with the jug? For example, chop ice for a cocktail.




– Liquify: this food processor incorporates a blender, unlike other similar models. And a very powerful blender with an extra large feeding mouth, through which we can introduce the pieces of whole fruit or vegetables. The blender is responsible for removing all the juice and discarding the pulp in another container of 1.5 liters capacity. The food processor also includes the jug to fill it to the juice edge.



– Molinillo: this is another function of the ufesa food processor that we will not easily find in other models. The grinder allows us to grind coffee beans; Chop aromatic herbs as we did in this post or grind nuts to use later on our dishes. It is perfect for grinding food of small size!

Food processor-molini


Save time and space with this food processor

The ufesa food processor is one of the most powerful models in the market. It has a maximum peak power of 850 W, and two speeds, in addition to the pulse function, ideal for chopping those foods with hard ones that need to be processed in short intervals to obtain a grainy texture but not powder.

In addition to the time we earn with the processor, we will also save space. Our kitchens are usually rather small and, therefore, two-in-one appliances are a perfect solution. With the same appliance, we can perform the main tasks we do in the kitchen.

Houst Storage Kayak

Among the trips to the river you will need a place to put your 2016 10 best kayak. Unless you want to catch snakes and bugs every time you use your boat, you need a storage place above the ground. Obtaining plastic and fiberglass vessels outside the sun will preserve the hull strength that can degrade with prolonged exposure to the sun and excessive heat.


Stands for the kayak should hit the hull about a third of the distance from each end. Avoid suspension of kayaks between the points of the bow and stern to prevent the helmet from deforming and sagging in the heat of summer. When setting up a kayak on a flat stand, cut two short pieces of swimming noodle foam and fold them over the transverse elements at a point where they will hit the helmet curve close enough to suspend the helmet above the untouched crossbeam that. Use a plastic flange to secure the nozzle in place.

Storage of garage

If you have a little space in your garage you can use a couple of kayak storage solutions. You can attach L brackets to the walls and the 2-by-4 screw to them. Wrap them with padding and set aside your boats along a free wall. If the space is thin wall, it is relatively simple to build a sling system and hang your boats close to the ceiling. This leaves your wall space and aisles free for work and to get in and out of your car. A threaded thread through the hollow center of a bath foam nozzle and attached to the ceiling hooks works well for this and is inexpensive to make.

The exterior walls

You can also use L and 2-by-4 brackets to create a kayak shelf stuck to the side wall of the house or in the garage. It is relatively simple to create a frame on top of the boats from which a tarp can be attached to protect the kayaks from the sun and the elements. You can screw the U-shaped brackets to the walls to keep kayaks against the wall by turning them sideways and sliding the bow’s tip into the U saddle. Shove a nozzle of foam over the hook to improve the fill. Wrap the kayak on a small tarp to protect it from the sun.

Freestanding Racks

A variety of solutions free of kayak / canoe frame are available that you can build yourself. An A-frame provides storage for three kayaks. Constructed from wood in the form of an old fashioned hinged backyard set, canoes sit on their sides on the outside of the frame with a third set on the crosshead of the A.
In the frame is based on A single stand with a series of T struts about 2 feet apart running to the height of the pole. Angled brackets make the crossbars sturdy. It can stiffen the frame with the transverse supports and reinforce the messages by pouring concrete into the holes that the post has set in. Provide protection from the sun by building the zipper in the shade and / or tying a tarp over boats with elastic cord.

Fryers without oil at House

You all know, because I have already put a lot of recipes, that at House we have two fryers that work without oil, ie fryers of hot air where we cook the food so that they are fried with only a teaspoon of oil.

The two we have at House are Airfryer Philips and Tefal Acti fry of . Both with a very similar performance but in the market there are many more options.

These types of fryers are a wonderful option for those who:

They want to reduce calories in their fried foods, we obtain foods with a look of fried very similar but with many less calories because they have not been immersed in oil when it comes to cooking them.
They want to reduce the intake of oils, reducing the amount of oils by up to 80%.
Want to get healthier and healthier foods.
They want to clean less, they are fryers much easier to use and clean.
We must bear in mind that food we cook in these fryers , be rich, have an acceptable result, but will have nothing to do with a similar product that has been completely submerging fried in oil.

A fried food in hot oil , will be more golden, with a more beautiful and bright color, have a richer flavor and much differ from the same food friamos in one of these fryers without oil.

Why this difference? Because no oil or fryers fryers air, hot air operated thanks to their fans spread. Thanks to the different programs that these fryers bring, we have a multitude of options to select, depending on the food that we are going to cook and thus establish different times and temperatures, from each other.

The most negative part is found in the prices, being the prices of these fryers of air, much higher than the normal fryers. Economic cost that we compensate for the moment with the saving of oil and the savings when cleaning them.

As I said before, at House we have two fryers of this type but there are many more on the market. I’ll tell you about some of them, but there are more and more similar fryers from different brands.

-Actifry of tefal. Of the first to appear for it has evolved much to improve it but without changing its initial appearance. Its transparent lid allows us to see the food while cooking and its rotating central blade is perfect for some ingredients and totally harmful for other ingredients, which Tefal has solved with the incorporation of a grid where food is placed that can not stand the rotating blade . Very simple handling and few buttons.

-Airfryer from Philips. It has a moderate price. Capacity for 3.2 liters. Control by frontal LCD screen. Basket similar to normal fryers where food is cooked. Simple to clean and takes up little space.

Aerofryer -Princess XL is similar to the above both in form and function, but a little more economic

-Cecofry. It has a great value for money. Is the only one that is automatic. It has central shovel as the actifry and you can cook two plates at a time as the actifry 2 × 1

Having or not having an oil-free fryer at House is already the decision of everyone. To my most modest opinion, my advice is, that if you have space to put it, and possibility to buy it, do not hesitate and get one of them. Look for the one that best suits your needs and space. Find the one that fits best in your pocket and enjoy it. You only have to practice and make recipes with her. When you get used to the textures that these fryers give us, we would not change them for anything. For more guide and tips Haz click aquí.

How to take the accounting of my house

In these times it is essential to save the most and keep track of household expenses . In this way, we control what we spend and avoid wasting money, maximizing our savings . For this, it is not necessary that we are some MYOB Newcastle accounting experts, but we can do it easily and quickly. Keep reading this article  and discover how to keep accounts of your home.

You may also be interested in : How do the bookkeeping of a truck

The first thing you need to do to keep accounts of your home will save the tickets and invoices for everything you buy or pay either the daily purchase of food and other materials for the home, such as payments of services: electricity, gas, Water, repairs, etc.


Also, you should be writing down in a notebook or spreadsheet on your computer , an Excel document, for example both revenues and expenses of your house, as an account book . We suggest you make a table showing the concept of spending, value and date.


In this way, you can see if the balance is positive , ie, entering more of what you spend, if it is zero or, on the contrary, is negative and spend more than you enter. We recommend that you organize monthly, that is, at the end of the month you add up everything you have spent and compare it with what you have entered. If you prefer, you can also do it weekly to keep the accounting of your home more controlled.


You can make comparisons about what you spend each month or week, seeing when you spend more and analyze how you could reduce expenses. For this, our articles can be useful to you:

  • How to save on the gas bill
  • How to reduce the light bill
  • How to save water at home

If you consider that this task is too tedious, you can choose to access a portal of online management professionals who can make bookkeeping much easier.


To read more articles similar to How bookkeeping my house , we suggest you enter our category of Personal Finance .

10 beautiful garden designs on the roof of the house, build an impressive decorative green roof

Original designs of gardens to build on the roof of the house, models that combine different types of shrub and grass as well as circulations with wood and stone floors to create a cozy and unique place at home, also contributes with the decrease of CO2 in Cities and contribute in the urban planning of our city.

10 garden designs located on the roof of the house

1. topiaries shaped cones and a circular path surrounded by other varieties of plants, are the perfect frame to be used as a cozy green terrace center in the middle of the city.

Roof garden design


2. Agree with your neighbors in the apartment building and create a spectacular roof garden in the Japanese style, for it must circulate skylights with a translucent white plexiglass with wooden frame and combining materials such as stone and wood floors, let’s see:

Japanese style garden design on the roof of a building

(Christian Duvernois Houzz)

3. A good job of artificial lighting is important in the roof garden, the next model we see that has been added five blocks of retro illuminated glass and inside the boxes there are also points of light.

Ceiling Garden Lighting Design



4. Like the art ?, give an artistic style to your garden ceiling in the next model we see that the pattern of the stone blocks remain on the lawn, at the top of the small hill has placed a bush size medium.

Artistic design of garden on the roof of housing



5. If you want to hide somehow the environment where your house is located then choose bushes bushy branches and hidden logs with smaller as in the following model bushes.

Garden design on the roof of a building in a big city


6. If you have a small space in the ceiling, turns that small corner in a place you will worship either for an afternoon of reading and / or reflection, small garden built with benches and wooden floor.

Small garden design on the roof of a house


7. If you do not want to have large plants and shrubs in your garden can opt for a roof enclosure with wooden rods and a shiny floor due to moisture treatment (end some important tips gardens on roofs).

Garden in the ceiling with fencing of wooden rods



8. An alternative to classical garden is to build a small source of water and place aquatic plants, has a relaxing effect and all in the midst of the city.

Garden design on the roof with a pool and aquatic plants



9. Build a fire pit in the center of the garden is not a crazy idea, the roof of a house can also serve this purpose and provide a source of heat when you go up to the roof garden to rest at night (please check the requirements Must have a roof before deciding on this design).

Design of garden with campfire to the center



10. If you love nature can finally choose to have all your green house roofs in this way your house will become eco friendly.

Garden in the whole roof of the house

Grass has been applied to all ceilings of the dwelling so it maintains a continuous view of the green landscape from any room (

To keep in mind before building a garden on the roof of the house

  • Roof strength , if you have a house built of reinforced concrete can support the weight of the soil and plants correctly, if your house is built with other materials such as wood would be better to see a structural engineer to see resilience .
  • Impermeability , the roof must be properly waterproofed with special paints or plastic coatings before placing the earth.
  • Type roof garden :
  1. Through trays, ideal if you want to make a roof garden fast and less maintenance as the water and soil are left inside the container.
  2. Treat the roof in such a way that you apply earth directly on it as if it were a garden on the ground, for this you must create an adequate drainage and waterproofing system that we have discussed above.
  • Maintenance:   pruning, watering and pay should be part of a monthly routine, you can reduce the time of care if you decide on a type of controlled irrigation to enjoy the greenery of plants every day of the year.

You can review the project of a modern two – story house which has created a garden on the roof, so it please go to:  Garden designers melbourne.

A Movie House

Who has not dreamed at one time to have a house like those in the movies? Check this site for your favorite movies xmovies8. Those living in the American average families, with their porch, his mosquito net, his swing on the door, her lemonade on the table and Gregory Peck neighbor. . Well, for less money than it seems, you can enjoy a genuinely American home in Spain.
A traditional construction of concrete blocks and bricks it has gone a tough competitor: the house with wooden structure, sold by catalog and supplied packaged in a container or kit. This type of housing is being introduced into the Spanish market with typical models of the United States, Canada and the Scandinavian countries.
In France, Britain and Germany, 15% of newly created housing are constructed with wooden structure. In Spain, although very slowly, the wood is gaining ground and there are more than 1,000 houses with these characteristics.

This is a new way of understanding construction as an integrated service, which the developer agrees to deliver housing in record time (five months maximum), and the price closed since the time of signing the contract.
If you have a suitable plot to build a house, and hires one of the companies that offer this service integral construction in our country, you can choose your home based on pre -established models. The construction will give a closed budget and put to work.
With a simple phone call, your house will come packaged in kit  for workers to start work. You will not worry about anything: the company is responsible for building permits, architects, gang workers, materials, debris, etc. In just five months, you can terminate a house of 250 square meters.
The fact that these houses are sold by catalog does not mean that its design is rigid. It is not manufactured housing, because although houses are art, drawings can be modified and adjusted to the needs of each family.
In the Spanish market and can be found more than a hundred different designs of wooden houses, models from 80 to 1,000 meters of usable floor building, including balconies and porches.
once chosen housing, materials that form its structure almost 50% of its home- reach the plot in a kit: wooden beams and pillars, insulation, windows, doors, roofing, flooring, screws, nails, and even if the client wishes, kitchen furniture and appliances. The main suppliers are the United States, Canada and Scandinavia.

It should be noted, however, that not all home comes in the container. The price and quality of housing undertake to complete the project with materials of traditional construction. For example, the wooden frame is based on a similar housing concrete and other construction work is completed with traditional foundation. The domestic market provides the materials to complete the house. Bricks, cement, ceramics, sanitary, plumbing, etc.
The cost is similar to a traditional house. Depending on the materials used, the price per square meter ranges between 85,000 and 110,000 pesetas. So you can build a house of 250 square meters from 21,250,000 pesetas home.
If their claims are more modest, would need a budget of 8,500,000 pesetas for one hundred square meters.

The main advantages

  • a comprehensive construction service contracts; ie the company handles everything from obtaining building permits until removal of debris.
  • You can choose between different architectural designs, which can be modified to suit the consumer.
  • The price and delivery closed since the signing of the contract with the company. gas, electricity, water, etc.: In the price they are included all facilities Delivery is made within a maximum period of 5 months.
  • No material is wasted: the work is clean and generates little debris.
  • Save energy, save as wood three times more heat and cold.
  • Companies guarantee the quality of construction against external agents such as rain and fire. The fire resistance is similar to that of a concrete house: endure two hours the action of direct heat, according to the Spanish legislation.
  • The life of a wood frame house is similar to that of a traditional house.

Qualification of welders for construction

welderWelds present in metal structures, pipes or boilers must withstand strong pressures to keep their pieces together and avoid accidents. It is essential that this type of work is in charge of, previously qualified by experts specialized agencies.

The rating of a welder is a fundamental part when insuring the quality of the armed parts.Welding is present in large structures that are part of the everyday landscape, from bridges to rails and pipes. This type of work requiring specific expertise and responsibility and technical criteria, must be performed by expert hands. In the center INTI-Mechanical works for more than 20 years the Safenclean and Qualification, which seeks to promote the professionalization of this trade.

In Argentina, a rating system established welders work according to the IRAM-IAS U 500-138 standard and only six agencies are authorized to carry out this task. Meanwhile, INTI is the only national, state and non-profit institute licensed for this purpose.

The Ente Welders Certification and Qualification qualifies INTI about 250 applicants per year

The rating is a test specimen welding on a traversing instances visual inspection. If the first result is satisfactory, the samples are evaluated by destructive nondestructive examinations (x-rays) or (folded tests).

Once crossed with hits all instances, the welder, who until then could only make welds without exigencias- becomes skilled labor, allowing you to actively participate in welding structures, pressure vessels or gas.

The Ente Welders Certification and Qualification is the core activity of the welding sector INTI-Mechanics, which other activities such as the qualification of welding procedures, technical advice and training welders also released. For more details visit Safenclean.

4 Tips For Your House Pressure Washing


Keep safety in mind

Pressure washers have a significant danger if operated incorrectly. The expulsion of water under high pressure can damage property and cause serious injury. A pressure washer, especially if it is new, you can remove the right paint in front of the house. You must wear eye and hearing protection. Professionals also recommend wearing gloves, boots and long sleeve shirts.

Do not overdo

Not all jobs require higher pressure setting. In fact, it is advisable to select a low setting when cleaning a house or deck. Different systems include various configuration levels, and others use interchangeable nozzles to regulate the pressure, so consult the manual for specific information. It is necessary to properly apply chemicals from scratch, and then rinse from the top down and not to let the chemical powder dry.

Know the limits of the machine

Some stains do not come out, no matter how high you turn on the pressure, and can cause damage if you try too hard. If a path has not been sealed and have oil stains, forget it , there is nothing I can do. Fertilizers, rust stains and acorn also have an almost impossible to remove from a road work. Mold will always leave some sort of mark.

Know your own limits

You can do some basic detergent pressure around your property, but when things get tough, call the professionals.There are a lot of things that can get you into trouble with the machine under pressure washing. Do not take it too lightly. If you are doing a great job, it is best to call someone with experience.