Black Desert House

Marc Atlan Design with Oller & Pejic, Architects

Beyond shelter, Black Desert House is an artistic counter-point to a landscape born of fire, and sculpted over the last 100 million years. Conceived to read as a shadow cast within great piles of monzogranite boulders, the residence offers the quintessential desert experience: immersion into the timelessness of the vast desert panorama. By day the residence protects like a cave; at night it dissolves in the surrounding array of stars. Informed by the modernist aesthetic, the geometry of the structure minimizes distractions, while curtain glass walls eliminate indoor-outdoor distinctions. The public spaces open to the sheltered entry courtyard, broad view terraces, and the private swimming pool.

Sited at a cooler elevation of over 4000 feet on 2.5 acres, the gated residence includes open plan living areas, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 2 car carport.


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10 beautiful garden designs on the roof of the house, build an impressive decorative green roof

Original designs of gardens to build on the roof of the house, models that combine different types of shrub and grass as well as circulations with wood and stone floors to create a cozy and unique place at home, also contributes with the decrease of CO2 in Cities and contribute in the urban planning of our city.

10 garden designs located on the roof of the house

1. topiaries shaped cones and a circular path surrounded by other varieties of plants, are the perfect frame to be used as a cozy green terrace center in the middle of the city.

Roof garden design


2. Agree with your neighbors in the apartment building and create a spectacular roof garden in the Japanese style, for it must circulate skylights with a translucent white plexiglass with wooden frame and combining materials such as stone and wood floors, let’s see:

Japanese style garden design on the roof of a building

(Christian Duvernois Houzz)

3. A good job of artificial lighting is important in the roof garden, the next model we see that has been added five blocks of retro illuminated glass and inside the boxes there are also points of light.

Ceiling Garden Lighting Design



4. Like the art ?, give an artistic style to your garden ceiling in the next model we see that the pattern of the stone blocks remain on the lawn, at the top of the small hill has placed a bush size medium.

Artistic design of garden on the roof of housing



5. If you want to hide somehow the environment where your house is located then choose bushes bushy branches and hidden logs with smaller as in the following model bushes.

Garden design on the roof of a building in a big city


6. If you have a small space in the ceiling, turns that small corner in a place you will worship either for an afternoon of reading and / or reflection, small garden built with benches and wooden floor.

Small garden design on the roof of a house


7. If you do not want to have large plants and shrubs in your garden can opt for a roof enclosure with wooden rods and a shiny floor due to moisture treatment (end some important tips gardens on roofs).

Garden in the ceiling with fencing of wooden rods



8. An alternative to classical garden is to build a small source of water and place aquatic plants, has a relaxing effect and all in the midst of the city.

Garden design on the roof with a pool and aquatic plants



9. Build a fire pit in the center of the garden is not a crazy idea, the roof of a house can also serve this purpose and provide a source of heat when you go up to the roof garden to rest at night (please check the requirements Must have a roof before deciding on this design).

Design of garden with campfire to the center



10. If you love nature can finally choose to have all your green house roofs in this way your house will become eco friendly.

Garden in the whole roof of the house

Grass has been applied to all ceilings of the dwelling so it maintains a continuous view of the green landscape from any room (

To keep in mind before building a garden on the roof of the house

  • Roof strength , if you have a house built of reinforced concrete can support the weight of the soil and plants correctly, if your house is built with other materials such as wood would be better to see a structural engineer to see resilience .
  • Impermeability , the roof must be properly waterproofed with special paints or plastic coatings before placing the earth.
  • Type roof garden :
  1. Through trays, ideal if you want to make a roof garden fast and less maintenance as the water and soil are left inside the container.
  2. Treat the roof in such a way that you apply earth directly on it as if it were a garden on the ground, for this you must create an adequate drainage and waterproofing system that we have discussed above.
  • Maintenance:   pruning, watering and pay should be part of a monthly routine, you can reduce the time of care if you decide on a type of controlled irrigation to enjoy the greenery of plants every day of the year.

You can review the project of a modern two – story house which has created a garden on the roof, so it please go to:  Garden designers melbourne.

A Movie House

Who has not dreamed at one time to have a house like those in the movies? Check this site for your favorite movies xmovies8. Those living in the American average families, with their porch, his mosquito net, his swing on the door, her lemonade on the table and Gregory Peck neighbor. . Well, for less money than it seems, you can enjoy a genuinely American home in Spain.
A traditional construction of concrete blocks and bricks it has gone a tough competitor: the house with wooden structure, sold by catalog and supplied packaged in a container or kit. This type of housing is being introduced into the Spanish market with typical models of the United States, Canada and the Scandinavian countries.
In France, Britain and Germany, 15% of newly created housing are constructed with wooden structure. In Spain, although very slowly, the wood is gaining ground and there are more than 1,000 houses with these characteristics.

This is a new way of understanding construction as an integrated service, which the developer agrees to deliver housing in record time (five months maximum), and the price closed since the time of signing the contract.
If you have a suitable plot to build a house, and hires one of the companies that offer this service integral construction in our country, you can choose your home based on pre -established models. The construction will give a closed budget and put to work.
With a simple phone call, your house will come packaged in kit  for workers to start work. You will not worry about anything: the company is responsible for building permits, architects, gang workers, materials, debris, etc. In just five months, you can terminate a house of 250 square meters.
The fact that these houses are sold by catalog does not mean that its design is rigid. It is not manufactured housing, because although houses are art, drawings can be modified and adjusted to the needs of each family.
In the Spanish market and can be found more than a hundred different designs of wooden houses, models from 80 to 1,000 meters of usable floor building, including balconies and porches.
once chosen housing, materials that form its structure almost 50% of its home- reach the plot in a kit: wooden beams and pillars, insulation, windows, doors, roofing, flooring, screws, nails, and even if the client wishes, kitchen furniture and appliances. The main suppliers are the United States, Canada and Scandinavia.

It should be noted, however, that not all home comes in the container. The price and quality of housing undertake to complete the project with materials of traditional construction. For example, the wooden frame is based on a similar housing concrete and other construction work is completed with traditional foundation. The domestic market provides the materials to complete the house. Bricks, cement, ceramics, sanitary, plumbing, etc.
The cost is similar to a traditional house. Depending on the materials used, the price per square meter ranges between 85,000 and 110,000 pesetas. So you can build a house of 250 square meters from 21,250,000 pesetas home.
If their claims are more modest, would need a budget of 8,500,000 pesetas for one hundred square meters.

The main advantages

  • a comprehensive construction service contracts; ie the company handles everything from obtaining building permits until removal of debris.
  • You can choose between different architectural designs, which can be modified to suit the consumer.
  • The price and delivery closed since the signing of the contract with the company. gas, electricity, water, etc.: In the price they are included all facilities Delivery is made within a maximum period of 5 months.
  • No material is wasted: the work is clean and generates little debris.
  • Save energy, save as wood three times more heat and cold.
  • Companies guarantee the quality of construction against external agents such as rain and fire. The fire resistance is similar to that of a concrete house: endure two hours the action of direct heat, according to the Spanish legislation.
  • The life of a wood frame house is similar to that of a traditional house.

Qualification of welders for construction

welderWelds present in metal structures, pipes or boilers must withstand strong pressures to keep their pieces together and avoid accidents. It is essential that this type of work is in charge of, previously qualified by experts specialized agencies.

The rating of a welder is a fundamental part when insuring the quality of the armed parts.Welding is present in large structures that are part of the everyday landscape, from bridges to rails and pipes. This type of work requiring specific expertise and responsibility and technical criteria, must be performed by expert hands. In the center INTI-Mechanical works for more than 20 years the Safenclean and Qualification, which seeks to promote the professionalization of this trade.

In Argentina, a rating system established welders work according to the IRAM-IAS U 500-138 standard and only six agencies are authorized to carry out this task. Meanwhile, INTI is the only national, state and non-profit institute licensed for this purpose.

The Ente Welders Certification and Qualification qualifies INTI about 250 applicants per year

The rating is a test specimen welding on a traversing instances visual inspection. If the first result is satisfactory, the samples are evaluated by destructive nondestructive examinations (x-rays) or (folded tests).

Once crossed with hits all instances, the welder, who until then could only make welds without exigencias- becomes skilled labor, allowing you to actively participate in welding structures, pressure vessels or gas.

The Ente Welders Certification and Qualification is the core activity of the welding sector INTI-Mechanics, which other activities such as the qualification of welding procedures, technical advice and training welders also released. For more details visit Safenclean.

4 Tips For Your House Pressure Washing


Keep safety in mind

Pressure washers have a significant danger if operated incorrectly. The expulsion of water under high pressure can damage property and cause serious injury. A pressure washer, especially if it is new, you can remove the right paint in front of the house. You must wear eye and hearing protection. Professionals also recommend wearing gloves, boots and long sleeve shirts.

Do not overdo

Not all jobs require higher pressure setting. In fact, it is advisable to select a low setting when cleaning a house or deck. Different systems include various configuration levels, and others use interchangeable nozzles to regulate the pressure, so consult the manual for specific information. It is necessary to properly apply chemicals from scratch, and then rinse from the top down and not to let the chemical powder dry.

Know the limits of the machine

Some stains do not come out, no matter how high you turn on the pressure, and can cause damage if you try too hard. If a path has not been sealed and have oil stains, forget it , there is nothing I can do. Fertilizers, rust stains and acorn also have an almost impossible to remove from a road work. Mold will always leave some sort of mark.

Know your own limits

You can do some basic detergent pressure around your property, but when things get tough, call the professionals.There are a lot of things that can get you into trouble with the machine under pressure washing. Do not take it too lightly. If you are doing a great job, it is best to call someone with experience.